Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Product Review - Biotest Plazma

Hey Guys,

Today I wanted to talk about Biotest Plazma.

Plazma is a product that has been around for a while. It gains a lot of love and hate from people in the supplement world. I have been using the product since its release and have tested it on numerous clients as well as myself in a variety of different situations.

Here is what Biotest had to say about it,

At the elite level, the physical demands of working at maximum intensity are so extreme that it can only be done for a week or two at a time before backing off to let the body recover. With Plazma™ that's no longer true.
Plazma™ contains a unique blend of fast-acting di- and tripeptides that produce biological activities and effects in muscle that go far beyond other proteins and amino acids. The formula also contains a special carbohydrate complex that in addition to increasing metabolic rate, drives these di- and tripeptides and other key nutrients into the muscle cell to the point of creating a high-performance pump effect.
By uniquely preloading and driving these key nutrients deep into muscle, Plazma™ enables you to perform at and beyond your limits while recovering and gaining so fast you'll be itching to get back in the gym and do it again. The recovery rate and the increased gains you're going to experience from Plazma™ will be shocking. So, don't hold back in the gym, and train your heart out. You'll completely recover, grow, and be ready for more.
And here are the label and ingredients details,

Ok, so the details!

Plazma is basically a low osmolity, very fast acting carb source that is designed to be taken before and after training or competition. Because it is very fast acting and easily digestible, it is used by the body straight away and shuttled to your muscles where you need it most during training. 

As previously mentioned I have tried this out with myself and numerous clients from all different backgrounds. I have used this product on fighters, weight lifters, Crossfitters, Body Builders, Track athletes, triathlon athletes and many others. the results has been the same right across the board, this stuff flat out works.

In many athletes I have used this to completely eliminate soreness and out recovery through the roof. After getting the dosage right many athletes added more sessions into their training as their recovery time simply halved.

Plazma is great for not only normal training but also for competition. As it is easily digested and absorbed without causing bloating, it is ideal for competition where you need to re fuel between matches or front load a lot of nutrients.

It mixes great (if you follow the instructions) and can be flavoured depending on which flavouring you choose (I personally like Orange and Berry). The product keeps really well so you can mix it up the night before and keep it in the fridge. Make sure that you use the amount of water it states though as lesser amounts can give some people a funny tummy.

I will say that the marketing claims of Biotest are slightly on the exaggerated side, however very few products get close to this. The only problem for some is simply drinking the amount of water during training. While this may be a lot of fluid, your body soon gets used to it.

I really couldn't recommend this product enough. It has changed a lot of peoples training and recovery and I will continue to recommend it to training partners and clients.

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