Sunday, 9 February 2014

Product Review - Biotest MAG-10 protein

Hey Guys,

Today I want to talk about Biotests Mag-10.

Mag-10 is a very fast acting protein which has a posh name of highly structuralised Di and Tripeptides from hydrolysed bioactive casein. 

Right, now I know that this sounds a bit science and posh but bare with me. For a while now I have been after a VERY fast acting protein for myself and clients, to help drive amines and other goodies into the muscle when training. The problem with a normal whey isolate is that it is just to damn slow. It takes roughly 20-30 mins for a good whey isolate to get digested and enter the blood stream. Now while this isn't bad at certain times of the day, it's far to slow to be consumed during a training session. 

Now when I started to look about for a suitable protein I knew that there was a product called Anaconda by Biotest that was available in the USA. The problem was that it was very expensive. To get the product shipped over would cost well over £100 per tub. Not ideal for me or my clients! I scoured the UK market and found 2 alternatives. Myproteins Peptopro and PhD Pharma whey. I personally liked peptopro and stuck with it for a long time (my only gripe was when the halved the bag size for the same price).

Then about 2 months ago, I heard that Biotest had opened a UK outlet. I immediately purchased a tub of their new product (which replaced Anaconda) Mag-10. The product was now slightly different offering a fast acting 'pulse' of protein and a few carbs from branched cyclic dextrin and isomulatose. Now while this carb content wasn't enough to bother me (as it would be taken while I was training) it was still 11g per serving that I would prefer to be left out. It was the 20g of hydrolysed casein that I wanted!

I'll be honest and say that straight away I was impressed. No bloating, great taste, easy digestion. I was training to get beach ready for a holiday at the time and was leaning out (sue me I'm a little vain when I have to take my shirt off), I was training twice a day on a very limited calorific intake. I using Mag-10 during both workouts and I used it when I fasted once a week. I was able to keep all my muscle and get down to sub 10% body fat with veins on my lower abs (I'm not saying this lasted long while on an all inclusive holiday though...).

Since coming back I have combined the product with more branched cyclic dextrin for my current workout protocol and it has continued to perform brilliantly.

The only problems I have with the product are,
  • It's a little pricey. at £60 for a 900g tub, it isn't the cheapest protein out there. However you do get what you pay for (and by comparison Myproteins peptopro is £40 for 500g).
  • The customer service team at Biotest UK. I had a small issue regarding a discount code that I had received not working. When I contacted them I got sarcastic and condescending E mails back without the issue being resolved. 
All in all, if you are looking for a very fast acting protein, this is the one I would recommend.

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