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Product Review - Dr Dave's Best protein ands Renergizer

Hi Guys,

As you may well know I have had Dr Dave's Best products on test for a while now (you can read the first part of the review HERE). 

I got put onto Dr Dave by a client of mine Catherine Costigan. How Catherine is sponsored by Dr Dave and rates his products VERY highly. Now for those who don’t know, Catherine is a top female MMA in the UK (and Europe) who not only came back recently from neck fusion surgery to win her MMA fight in devastating fashion (as a coach I can say such biased things) but is also a great teacher and very geeky person ( a trait I hold highly).

So when she speaks, I listen to her opinion.

Dr Dave is a Doctor based in America who has brought out a range of very high quality supplements that can be found HERE. Here is what his site has to say about him.

I contacted Dr Dave to introduce myself and to ask about some of his products. Most of my clients are female athletes these days and if she spoke so highly of him, I wanted to know if I could use his stuff with my other clients.

Dr Dave has gracious enough to send me the following for testing;
  • Regenerizer formula
  • Private reserve Protein Powder
Lets start with the protein powder. Now I know that protein powder is a mainstay for most athletes these days, with many viewing it more like a food rather than a supplement (some protein powders are actually MORE biologically available for your body than food, but that's another post all together). Because of this, it is important to make sure that you have a good quality one that will fulfil all your protein needs. 

Now as you can imagine, one of the first things I do when trying or looking at a new product is to read the label (mmmmmmm geeky self is pleased). Now I was very happy when I read when I read this one. The protein contains a very good quality whey isolate and lots of other goodies (how many protein powders do you see with 25g of elderberry extract?).

You can read the full nutritional label HERE

The protein only comes in vanilla flavour (my favourite is chocolate for any other suppliers reading) and tastes great. It mixes well and very quickly. I added quite a few other products to it to see if it altered the taste or mix ability. I added things like fibre, various carb powders, BCAA, creatine, L Leucine, caffeine and a few others. It mixed and tasted great with them all.

The only bad things that I can say about the product is that it needs to be shipped from America so you may incur shipping costs and that the carb content was a little high for me. At 8.84g per serving this is just a touch to high FOR ME. The only reason for this is that I like to add carbs or fats to my shakes to get a desired response. I will say that of the 8.84g of carbs, 5.56g of this was dietary and soluble fibre.

All in all a very good protein!!

Now onto Rengenerizer. I was (and still am) a little unsure what this product is meant to do. Is it a vitamin complex or a energy giver? Dr Dave's website had this to say about it,

Regenerizer is a highly effective natural energy booster that works without caffeine or ephedria. This special formulation fights stress and fatigue to give you a boost that can help you fight cravings, low energy, mental fogginess, low sexual energy and more. Regenerizer may benefit you, if you are:
  • Overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do?
  • Unable to cope energetically with the demands of your family and friends?
  • Having trouble finding the zip to meet your work obligations?
  • Losing your edge in the gym and the bedroom?
  • Being overtaken by younger more "dynamic" colleagues?
  • Unable to finish tasks that used to be easy?
  • Plagued by cycles of low energy that cannot be explained by your doctor?
After reading this all I could surmise is that it was meant to be a little like Alpha Brain. Unfortunately the product performed in the same way. I tested it as per instructions, at different times of the day, with different food choices and on an empty stomach. I got no effects at all (that I could see). I also gave the product to 3 different friends who work in a variety of jobs and perform different sports. They had no effect either (that they could see or feel).

This was a bit of a let down considering the very high standards of Dr Dave's other products. All I will say is that sometimes a lot can be happening underneath the surface, and considering that I didn't have blood work etc taken I can't rule out that the product did nothing and this could just be my PERSONAL experience.

Overall I was very pleased with Dr Dave's Best products and would have no problem with clients using them in the future.

Stay Healthy,


If you would like one of your products testing please drop me an E Mail on or use the CONTACT FORM on the website and we can have a chat :)

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