Sunday, 9 February 2014

Product Review - Dr Dave's Fish Oil

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 Hope all is well with everyone? Today I want to talk about a few products by Dr Dave Best, namely his fish oil. I have another few of his products but they are still being tested :)

I got put onto Dr Dave by a client of mine Catherine Costigan. How Catherine is sponsored by Dr Dave and rates his products VERY highly. Now for those who don't know, Catherine is a top female MMA in the UK (and Europe) who not only came back recently from neck fusion surgery to win her MMA fight in devastating fashion (as a coach I can say such biased things) but is also a great teacher and very geeky person ( a trait I hold highly).

So when she speaks, I listen to her opinion.

Dr Dave is a Doctor based in America who has brought out a range of very high quality supplements that can be found HERE. Here is what his site has to say about him.

I contacted Dr Dave to introduce myself and to ask about some of his products. Most of my clients are female athletes these days and if she spoke so highly of him, I wanted to know if I could use his stuff with my other clients.

Dr Dave has gracious enough to send me the following for testing;
  • Ultra 85, pharmaceutical grade fish oil
  • Regenerizer formula
  • Coenzyme Q10 (Anti ageing product)
  • Private reserve Protein Powder
 For this review I will be talking about the Pharmaceutical grade fish oil. Other product reviews are coming soon.

Firstly the fish oil. Now everyone knows how highly I speak of fish oil. I believe that everyone, not just athletes, should be taking it. It does all sorts of amazing things such as reducing inflammation, fighting ageing, helping hormone production and aids in fat oxidisation. Now finding a high quality one is very tricky in the UK, because of this I was very eager to test this product.

Now when you're getting fish oil it is the EPA and DHA content that you need to look at. To give you an idea of the difference between this product and Dr Dave's I will show Asdas own brand (which many clients use) and Dr Dave's.

Total EPA/DHA - 260mg per 1000mg capsule.
Dr Daves's
Total EPA/DHA - 1020mg per 2000mg capsule (510mg per 1000mg capsule).

So Dr Dave's has over DOUBLE the amount of EPA/DHA plus it includes a whole host of other goodies like Vitamin D (300IU). Now this is (by far) one of the highest ratio I have ever seen. The only other product that beats it that I have found is Flameout by Biotest which has 770mg of EPA/DHA per 1156mg capsule.

Now I've got to say that these are fantastic. I could half the dose that I normally take and still get the same effect. Any athlete who takes fish oil regularly will testify how they notice it when they don't get enough and these made it a LOT easier!

My only slight problem with the product is price. It costs $84.95 (£53) for a bottle plus shipping, of 120 capsules. This means that taking 6 per day it would only last a month. This is me as well, larger people would need more. This may sound expensive but as a comparison, Biotest have a UK outlet and charge £35.99 for a tub of Flameout which holds 22 capsules. This means you would have to spend roughly £175 to get the same amount!

If fish oil is something that you use a lot, and want to get the best, I really rate this. I personally will keep buying it as it does wonders for me.

Got any questions? Want a product reviewing? Drop a comment below, drop me a message HERE or drop me a Tweet on @mike_unorthodox

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