Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Product Review - Biotest Alpha GPC

Hey Guys,

Today I will be reviewing Biotests Alpha GPC

Recently the guys over at Biotest UK sent me over a few bottles of this little supplement to try.

Alpha GPC is designed to help produce more explosive force and growth hormone during a workout or competition. The idea being that if you can produce more force, promote more growth hormone production and move more weight (they claim up to 14% more) then you will build more muscle and become stronger.

The main ingredient in Alpha GPC is (L-Alpha-Glycerophosphocholine). the claim is that taking one shot of this will allow you to activate more fast twitch muscle fibres (also know as high threshold motor units) and therefore produce more explosive force. The theory and science behind this idea is a little long, but if you like such things and want to read a little more about it then take a look HERE.

Sounds good right?

Well what use is this to anyone who isn't a power lifter or a bodybuilder? 

Well quite a lot actually.

I'm sure that there has been many times in competition or practice when having a little more explosive force would come in handy. Being able to through something further, punch and kick faster and harder, bridge and explode faster and stronger. The applications for being more explosive are endless in sports.

When speaking to competitors, you rarely here them say that their opponent was technically better than them. However you often here that their opponent felt mush stronger than them. All athletes want to be training strength to some degree and taking a product like Alpha GPC could help them get the most out of their training.

So what were my experiences of it?

To be honest it was a bit 50/50.

I currently train Wendlers 5/3/1 with all my accessory movements leaning towards benefiting grappling and BJJ. This means that I do a lot of explosive work after my heavy lifts. because of this I was quite eager to try Alpha GPC to see if it really had a noticeable effect on my performance.

During the first workout I noticed that I had more energy than normal. Normally by the end of my 5/3/1 sets I feel quite drained and need a few mins to recover. However after this I still felt like I was hitting my warm up sets. So against the programme I decided to keep ramping up the weight to see where I could get. I ended up adding 10kg onto my PB. Now I know that I hadn't tested my max in a while so it could be the fact that I got stronger, or the Alpha GPC could of had an effect. I also noticed that the rest of my training went great and I felt 'on' for the whole session.

Now this is where  it gets a bit strange. the session mentioned was a 'push' session (military press). When trying the product with pulling movements or squats I noticed no benefit at all. However on my last push session of the week I noticed it again. This pattern continued every week. Now I know that my push sessions are a little more dynamic in nature where my pull and legs are a bit more of 'grinder' workouts. It could be a combination of the movements plus the Alpha GPC that gives this effect.

Because of this I can say that Alpha GPC works for ME, but only for 50% of my workouts. As I have not competed with it yet I can't comment on how it would perform, however I will be adding it into my competition strategy to see if I can't use it to Hulk Smash my way through a few people (this isn't happening lol).

Would I recommend that you give the product a try?

If you are in a power or strength based sport, yes I would. If you are in bodybuilding I would probably give it a miss. 

Biotest UK currently have an offer on Alpha GPC for only £15.99. Which makes it a perfect time to try it if you were so inclined (no I don't get a kick back, I'm not affiliated with them at all). You can see that HERE

Had an experience with the product yourself? I would love to hear about it. Let me know in the comments section.

Stay healthy,


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