Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Product Review - Scramble Spats (grappling tights)

Hey Guys,

Today I want to talk about Scrambles range of grappling tights (known as spats).

Spats are used in the same way that a rash guard is. They are worn to help prevent scuffs, mat burns, the spreading of diseases and to help increase grip for guard work and submissions. However lets be honest here, 99% of us wear them so that we feel like a super hero!

As you can see, the spats are available in lots of styles! For the purpose of this review I tested the plain black spats and the camo spats.

Firstly here is what the folks over at Scramble have to say about their spats,

These jiu jitsu, MMA and grappling tights feature:
  • Improved, higher density polyester blend - resists pilling
  • Fully sublimated graphics - no peeling or cracking
  • Scramble grappling tights help prevent mat burns, ward off nasty mat-borne bugs, and  are extremely comfortable
Ok, so the review!

The fit of both of the spats is pretty much identical and both fit amazing. The fit (as you would expect) is very snug but still very comfortable. To me the spats feel even better than shorts, especially in the hot weather. When I first started to train and roll in the spats they felt a little weird (not accustomed to wearing tights outside of crime fighting) however they soon felt like a second skin and now I much prefer to have them rather than not.

I would say that you should check the siding if you have particularly massive legs as this can alter the fit of the spats.

The spats do not bunch or roll up at any point and have survived being pulled on more than once. The elasticated waist band is not scratchy and doesn't fray or tear despite well over 6 months of training and washing. The fit has also stayed exactly the same regardless of how much I hammered them during testing.

The stitching is unobtrusive and doesn't feel scratchy and doesn't unravel itself despite being pulled on.

The colours have not faded even slightly regardless of washing them at 40 (even 60 once), which is a great plus as rash guards sometimes fade after 6 months of washing. Not the case here.

The only slight gripe I had with the spats is that the camp spats have a drawstring waist and the black ones are elasticated. While it made no difference at all to the performance of the spats, I personally preferred the elastic waist band as it fit me better. I however know others that prefer the drawstring so it is entirely a personal thing.

In conclusion I would highly rate the spats for any grappler, runner or gym goer. Well worth the money at £34.99 as they will last you for years, you can get them on the Scramble site and they deliver worldwide!

Stay healthy,


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