Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Product Review - X Guard Rash Guard

Hey Guys,

Today I want to talk about the X Guard Rash Guard.


Here are the features of the rash guard as listed on the site.

Our IBJJF Approved Competition Team rash guards are excellent with or without the Kimono. Each of our competition team rash guards feature: 100% sublimated graphics, long sleeves, moisture wicking technology, and they are IBJJF approved.


- IBJJF Approved
- Moisture Wicking Technology
- 100% Sublimated Graphics
- IBJJ Approved for Competition
Firstly, I think that the look of the rash guard is fantastic. I always like things that are simple and subtle. I'm not a fan of loads of features and loud designs in general and this fits the bill.
The rash guard is a very simple piece of kit but has been made extremely well. The fit of the rash guard is snug (as it should be) and is roughly the same size as the majority of other rash guards. I've found in the past that I differ between brands on arm length but this had a very good fit straight away.
Construction was brilliant with no frays or stitching coming loose.
Performance when rolling was brilliant. the main concern that I always have with rash guards is that after a few washes and tough sessions they seem to stretch or become mis shaped  That was not the case at all here. The rash guard stayed the same after weeks of washing and testing. The fit is exactly the same today as it was when I first received it.
Another thing to watch out for when purchasing a good rash guard is to be wary of printed on graphics rather than screen printing. They crack and split quickly, often coming off completely. Thankfully this rash guard is screen printed and the graphics stay the same no matter who pulls on it or how many washed it has.
My only slight gripe (and very slight) is that it only comes in black. I know that quite a few people would like it available in other colours to match their belts etc. However I'm being extremely picky here!
All in all a brilliant rash guard and one that is highly recommended!
Stay healthy,
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