Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Product Review - Biotest Micro-PA

Hey Guys,

Today I want to talk about Biotest Micro - PA.

Biotest Micro - PA is designed to increase the muscles uptake of nutrients and increase the amount of MTOR your body produces leading to better protein synthesis.

Here are the label details,

And here is what Biotest have to say about it,

  • Weight training produces muscle growth by activating mTOR, which is the master enzyme responsible for muscle cell protein synthesis resulting in hypertrophy.
  • Muscle cells use phosphatidic acid (PA) to activate and regulate mTOR.
  • Subjects taking a PA supplement achieved 50% greater increase in muscle cross-sectional area and lean body mass, 40% greater increase in total strength (upper and lower body), and 60% greater loss in body fat than the training-only group (Wilson et al 2014, in press).
  • Micro-PA™ contains a highly specialized form of unsaturated phosphatidic acid (PA), with enhanced bioavailability, that powerfully activates and amplifies muscle cell protein synthesis.
So this sounds great!

I looked at all of the research and it looked very promising. I also followed along in the specific Micro - PA threads on the Biotest Website and everyone was reporting great increases in muscle mass and performance. With all of this in mind I asked Biotest for a bottle to try for myself. During the test I made no changes to diet and kept my workout nutrition the same (using Biotest MAG - 10 and Plazma). This was to see if the Micro - PA alone would have a positive effect on training.

So what effect did it have?

It had zero.

I took the full bottle, with the stated dose every day, following the bottle directions perfectly. It made no difference at all to my performance, weight or strength. The only slight difference it made was that my pump lasted a bit longer in the gym.

Biotest do make amazing products and I do highly recommend a lot of them (see other reviews). I use them and a lot of my clients use them. This is one product however that I cannot recommend. I would pass on this and put your money into Biotest Plazma and Indigo 3G.

Stay Healthy,


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