Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Product Review - Grenade Hydra 6 Whey Isolate

Hi Guys,

Today I will be reviewing Grenade Hydra 6 Whey Isolate.

Here is what Grenade had to say about it,

Hydra 6™ has been formulated with the ultimate form of whey protein - Whey Protein Isolate - and the ultimate form of casein - Ultrafiltered Micellar Casein - in the perfect “50/50” ratio. Hydra 6™ offers the versatility and convenience of not having to buy two separate proteins for different times of the day and is designed to feed your muscles with the highest quality protein available. 
Hard training individuals need “fast acting” whey protein isolate in the morning and pre / post workout and “slow release” casein protein before bedtime and at other times when protein won’t be consumed for several hours. Protein contributes to growth* and maintenance# in muscle mass.

And the Ingredients list,

908 GramsChocolate Charge
Serving Size: 2 Level Scoops (35g)
Servings Per Container: Approx26 
Per Serving (35g) 
Energy539 kJ      
-129 kcal      
Fat1.9 g      
of which saturates1.1 g      
Carbohydrates2.8 g      
of which sugars1.3 g      
Fibre2.6 g      
Protein24 g      
Salt.15 g      
Whey (Milk) Protein Isolate, Ultrafiltered Micellar Casein (Milk), Cocoa Powder, Creamer (Fractionated Palm Oil), Flavouring, Polydextrose, Resistant Dextrin (Fibersol), Tapioca Starch, Xanthan Gum (Thickener), Sweetener (Sucralose).
Also may contain Cereals containing Gluten, Egg and Peanuts.
Suitable for Vegetarians

Ok so let's talk about whether it's any good!

Firstly the name is ridiculous and the language that is used in the product description puts me off straight away. As most readers will know I like straight talking and facts when it comes to supplements. 

That being said this is a pretty good, every day protein. It mixes well and tastes fine. I like the fact that it has both Whey isolate and Micellar Casein, which it gives it a steady, slow release effect which is what you want in a protein powder that isn't used around a workout. This would be great in recipes or as a stand alone shake as a snack or meal replacement.

the carbs are a touch on the high side for a plain protein and it will not be fast acting enough to be used as pre, intra, or post workout nutrition. However the product isn't advertised as a diet whey or for the use of workout support (so I guess I'm splitting hairs).

Not my first choice but a decent protein.

Grenade Hydra 6 Ultra Premium costs £27.99 for a 908g tub and can be bought HERE

Stay healthy,


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