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Product Review - The Protein Works Diet Whey Isolate 97

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Today I am reviewing The Protein Works Diet Whey Isolate 97.

The Protein Works Diet Whey Isolate 97 is a whey protein isolate that is low in carbs with a high protein content. Here is what they had to say about it,

Diet Whey Isolate 97

Diet Whey Isolate 97 is the purest whey protein isolate, renowned for having the highest protein content and lowest carbohydrate and fat content of any protein in sports nutrition today. It is designed specifically for anyone dieting or looking to decrease their calorie intake. Diet Whey Isolate 97 now includes ground-breaking patented enzyme technology, AMINOGEN® to further enhance its unique formulation.
Diet Whey Isolate 97 has less than 1g of fat and less than 1g of carbohydrates per serving. Sourced from premium grade whey protein isolate, it has an excellent amino acid profile. Diet Whey Isolate 97 uses membrane technology to create an ultra pure form of whey protein with its lactose, carbs, calories and casein removed.

AMINOGEN® Patented Enzyme System

All TPW™ products are designed using the very latest sports nutrition research and technology. Best-selling Diet Whey Isolate 97 is no different. Diet Whey Isolate 97 is now formulated with the breakthrough patented enzyme system, AMINOGEN®. This revolutionary system is plant-based and allergen free, demonstrating once again our commitment to developing the most advanced sports nutrition formulas on the market today.
The ultimate value of any protein supplement is in its amino acid composition. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. For a protein to be usable in the body, it must first be broken down into shorter amino acid chains. So when you take a protein supplement, the body gets to work breaking down the long protein chains into shorter digestible chains for use in physiological processes such as growth and repair.

Diet Whey Isolate 97 Key Features

This ultra pure protein undergoes a unique manufacturing process whereby the protein is extracted directly from skimmed milk using membrane technologies at low temperature through two processes known as microfiltration and ultrafiltration. This ultimately produces a very pure form of whey protein that's had its lactose, carbohydrates, calories and casein removed. This leaves ultra pure whey protein isolate, a protein that is the ultimate in purity. 

And here is the nutritional and ingredient information,

Values based on:30g serving
Energy (kJ)505
Energy (kcal)117
Fat (g)0.4
Fat of which Saturates (g)0.0
Carbohydrates (g)1.0
Carbohydrates of which Sugars (g)0.5
Protein (g)27.9

Undenatured Whey Protein Isolate 97 (Milk)Natural Flavouring Natural Colouring (Curcumin) Aminogen® Sweetener (Sucralose®) Emusifier (Soya Lecithin)

Doesn't look to bad at all. At first glance it is a pretty average protein of this type with low carbs and fat, medium protein and normal amount of calories for this type of product. Although the company claim a very high quality to their products I'm a little put off by the lack of protein and BCAA break downs and a lack of nutritional information on 'Aminogen' (which alone sounds like a supplement buzz word which puts me off).

The packaging looks great (if you care about such a thing) and the service was pretty quick. The problems started when I attempted to have a shake...

I opted for the Rocky Road flavour as I like sweeter shakes and I thought the wife might also like it. As soon as I added water the problems started. The protein clumped pretty much straight away and became very lumpy with no amount of shaking removing the clumps (I never use a blender when making my shakes as I think protein shakes should be a portable protein source). When I plucked up the courage to try a sip, the taste was even worse than the look of the shake. It had a mixture of chemical and cough syrup taste that lasted for ages in the back of my mouth. 

I then tried the shake with more and less water to see if that was a factor. It wasn't. The shake simply would not mix well and tasted terrible.

I would not recommend this to any client.

Diet Whey Isolate is available HERE and costs £28.99 per KG

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