Thursday, 9 April 2015

Product Review - MyProtein Kar-bolyn

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Today I want to talk about MyProteins Kar-bolyn

Kar-bolyn is a very fast digesting, high osmolity carb source that is used around training. Here is what MyProtein had to say about it,

arbo-Lyn®is a patented carbohydrate sourced from starch and contains very unique properties. It is a homopolysaccharide carbohydrate which means it is made up of many monosaccharide’s joined together by glycosidic bonds. Karbo-Lyn® passes through the stomach very quickly and it acts like a pump, pulling water and nutrients along with it.
Benefits of Karbo-Lyn®
Karbo-Lyn® has a high osmolality and is completely sugar free. To create a fast absorption through the stomach, the molecular mass has been uniquely manipulated making it have an uptake much faster than dextrose or Maltodextrin but without the added bloating effect.
Who is Karbo-Lyn® Suitable for?
Karbo-Lyn® is ideal for anyone looking for a source of carbohydrates before or after their training or competition. It is also suitable for anyone looking for a non-sugar based carbohydrate prior to endurance or ultra-endurance based events or for recovery after resistance based exercise. Due to the fast uptake of Karbo-Lyn®, it is recommended to consume this immediately following your exercise.
We recommend consuming 50g of Karbo-Lyn® either before, after or during your exercise. However, this will depend on your specific training goals and the type of exercise you are undertaking.
Sounds good! Lets have a look at the nutritional information,


 Per 100gPer Serving*RI
Energy1674 kJ/400 kcal837 kJ/200 kcal10%
Fat0 g0 g0%
 of which saturates0 g0 g0%
Carbohydrates100 g50 g19%
 of which sugars0 g0 g0%
Protein0 g0 g0%
Salt0.1 g0.05 g1%

Here are the ingredients,

100% Karbo-Lyn® (homopolysaccharide derived from potato, rice and corn. 100% Starch)

As you can see, this is pretty interesting! I originally looked at this product as a cheaper alternative to Biotests Plazma and I've got to say, I've been very impressed with the results! The product gives you loads of energy with zero bloating or gas issues and is a wonder for recovery. I have also been using this as a re fuel tool with some of my athletes after weigh ins, and it has performed incredibly well! 

This product is perfect for the hard trainer or an athlete whop wants to refuel after a weigh in. This product would also be awesome for very long events such as Triathlons or competitions that have more that one match/fight throughout the day.

Highly Recommended!

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