Thursday, 30 July 2015

Product Review - BadBoy Ultimate Whey

Hey Guys,

Today I am reviewing Badboy Ultimate whey.

This is BadBoys first outing into the supplement world. They now carry a full range of the basic supplements like whey, creatine, mass gainer etc.

Here is the nutritional breakdown.

So whats's it like?

Well the whey itself is fine. The ingredients are ok (despite the nonsense on the label about coming from grass fed cows), it mixes well and tastes fine. The macros are fine although I think it is a touch to high in carbs for an all round whey protein.

The problem is the price. At £70 for 2.27kg it is MASSIVELY over priced. You can buy a top quality whey isolate for half the price which is of a much better quality from a brand that just deals in supplements rather than a clothing brand that also does supplements.

So in conclusion I can't recommend this due to the price. You can get better products from other brands for a 1/3 of the price.

Stay healthy,


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