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Product Review - Peptopro


Everyone uses it, everyone knows that it's important in your diet.

It helps you recover and repair muscle and other issues that allow you to get bigger, stronger and faster.

The problem is what type do you use and when? there are that many that are out there at the moment it is just so confusing for everyone (see my next article in JiuJitsu Style for more info).

For this review I want to talk about a fast acting protein from Myprotein called Peptopro.

Peptopro is a VERY fast acting protein. Basically the protein has been made more bio available by making the protein molecules smaller and more easily digestible.

This means that it is broken down into aminos nearly straight away and shuttled off to your muscles and organs near instantaneously. This is exactly what we want around training! Your muscles are crying out for nutrients and are in the perfect state to soak them up.
Give them what they need!

Here what Myprotein had to say about Peptopro,

PeptoPro® is a pre-digested protein that is completely water soluble and contains > 60% unique hypo-allergenic di- and tri peptides. These peptides are absorbed much faster than any in-tact protein or even single amino acids. The instant delivery of these "building blocks" to the tissues kick starts the building phase, resulting in very fast recovery and increased growth.

A multitude of testimonials from satisfied consumers demonstrates the clear & noticeable effects of PeptoPro®: Reduced soreness and fatigue, faster recovery, increased endurance and also a bigger pump during and after work-outs.

The benefits of PeptoPro® have not gone unnoticed by the sporting elite; it is used by many top sports teams, professional athletes and regular gym enthusiasts and is widely regarded as the cutting edge protein.

PeptoPro® is supported by multiple scientific and human studies. It has been proven to increase endurance, accelerate recovery and boost protein synthesis during and after exercise.
PeptoPro® has a degree of hydrolysation of 28%.

Instant Amino Acid Delivery to Kick-Start the Building Phase

After exercise you have a short window of opportunity where the muscle cells remain open to let nutrients in. PeptoPro® delivers amino acids quicker than any other protein source, which kick-starts the building phase so you can reap the maximum benefit from every workout.

Because PeptoPro® is made from casein, it contains all the amino acids in an optimum ratio for human health and performance. Casein is also one of the purest protein sources available, which is why PeptoPro® is practically fat and lactose free.

Boosts Blood Sugar Levels:

PeptoPro® significantly increases glycogen levels, resulting in a better utilization of glucose and amino acids by the cells. In fact, the simultaneous delivery of amino acids provides the perfect foundation for post exercise recovery and lean growth.

You can read more at the official website:

Here is the nutritional information,

Per 20g:
Energy: 73.0Kcal 
Energy: 305KJ
Protein (as-is): 17.0g 
Carbohydrates: 0.0g 
Fat: 0.3g

Sounds good right? So how did it handle in practice?

I have to admit that I am a fan of this product. I used it personally for quite a while and it did wonders for my recovery. I'm talking no soreness, better training and more results.

It mixes great and quickly with large and smaller volumes of water and the berry flavour tastes great (never get the unflavoured as it tastes like death).

I have had many clients use it from people just swatting out right through to UFC fighters and world champs. Its a great product!

By far one of the best workout proteins I have used.

As always however nothing is perfect, here are a couple of flaws with the product,
  • It doesn't mix well with other products. This poses a problem when I would add a carb powder or other supplement to it. Not ideal.
  • The bags used to be larger for the same price. When they downsized the bag they effectively doubled the price. This led me to use exclusively MAG 10 instead.
That's it really. Not much in the way of downsides. The product itself is great and I still use it for a number of clients where I don't want to add extra carbs at certain points of their day. For me however, I will be sticking with other products till they change the price or the bag size.

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