Sunday, 9 February 2014

Product Review - The Healthy Bodybuilder by Shelby Starnes


It’s something that everyone says that they want. Talk to any athlete or gym rat and they will tell you that health is one of their main priorities. But what is ‘health’? What are they doing to keep them this way? What are they monitoring? These are the question that people should be able to answer if it is indeed, a priority.

Health is always one of the main (if not THE) main priorities when I set up plans for clients. What’s the point of achieving your goals if you get run and sick in the process? It is always one of the last things that people think about on their quest for that belt or trophy, but I know they regret it later on.

Now everyone pretty much knows that I’m a fan of Shelby.

He is a world renowned nutritional coach and I’ve been lucky enough to speak with him a few times (read one of the interviews HERE). So when he brings out a new E book that is aimed at staying healthy then I sit right up and take note.  I contacted Shelby and he was generous enough to send me a copy.

While I don’t want to give away all the topics or what is covered in the book (you will have to get it) I will say that you can have a look at the page on contents HERE.

Also Shelby has made the introduction to the book available to read so that you can see what the book is all about. You can find that HERE.

So what did I think?

I will start by saying that everyone who trains on a regular basis needs to give this book a read. Combat athletes especially put their bodies through all manner of torture and being able to recover and stay healthy should always be a priority (unless you only want to be training for a year or two…). Young athletes especially think they are indestructible, This isn’t the case. Invest in your health now to be a better athlete tomorrow.

The book covers everything from what tests to get, what to take nutritionally to help and why you want to avoid certain things. Each ailment is covered in detail and how it affects the athlete. Things like blood pressure, high cholesterol and many other ailments that you probably have never heard of are all covered. This gives the reader a fantastic overview of what to monitor and things that they should address in their lifestyle.

My only slight criticism (it’s barely even that) is that the book does not cover testosterone levels, especially low testosterone. While this is not common amongst fighters (mainly being down to it being populated by young males), it can wreak havoc with the athletes if it does occur. I would have liked a small section on things to look out for and how to address it if it crops up. Also the book is aimed slightly more at the American market a lot more than the UK one. As most athletes will know, going to the Doctor and requesting tests is often met by a lack of enthusiasm unless an extra charge can be administered. While I have no experience with medical treatment in the US, I imagine it may be easier to get a test done if your insurance covers it (please correct me in the comments if this is mistaken).

However, despite these MINOR issues, I would whole heatedly recommend that anyone who wishes to keep training for a long time, to buy this E Book. It is a complete steal at  $19.95 (about £12 depending on the exchange rate). However Shelby currently has an offer where you can buy everyone of his 6 E Books for ONLY $69.95 (£43 ish) this makes each E Book only about £7.

The E Book can be found HERE

The 6 E Book offer can be found HERE.

Shelby can be contacted through his site HERE

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