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Product Review - Simply Treats

Hey Guys,

As we all know people like a treat. Now since about 85% of my client base is now female athletes, its sweets and chocolate that is on the menu come cheat day. The problem comes when sometimes the urge to cheat just can't wait till a scheduled cheat. So what then? Give in to your desires and take a step backwards away from your goals or suck it up and move forward? Now thankfully most people choose the latter. But what if there was a way that you could have a healthy, nutritious snack that could be worked into a nutrition plan that was also contained sweety, chocolatly goodness?

Enter Simply Treats.

Simply Treats is a company based in Middlesbrough (North East England for international readers), that specialise in making the unhealthy things that we all crave (yes even I love some cake now and again) and turning them healthy. They do this by starting at the ground up, using all natural, healthy ingredients. No bad fats, carbs and no sugars or sweetners. You can probably tell by the way that this review is going that I was a fan from day one. Plus they were nice enough to give me one of their hampers to review/eat and let my clients know about them.

I tested their Hamper 2 which costs £30. Listed below is what it contains plus the macro breakdowns for each, plus what I thought about them.



90 kcals
11.7g protein
5.8g carb
2g fat

On paper these are awesome and it is easy to see why they are one of the bigger sellers. Under 100 calories and over 10g of protein per bar?! They have a cake like feel to them and while they certainly did fill a hole, I would of personally preferred them a little sweeter.

Dark Chocolate Protein Doughnuts


168 kcal
10g protein
7g carb
10g fat

I love these. I seriously don't have a single bad word to say about them. I could easily eat a hundred (not a good idea, despite how good they are). They taste a bit more like a cake rather than a doughnut but don't have that greasy after taste after like most doughnuts.

Buck Bars


207 kcal
25g protein
14g carb
4.9g fat

These are filling. I was given 2 of these to test and ended up breaking them into two due to how filling they are. Imagine Mr Kippling did a protein bar and you're on the right track. Very satisfying, I would use one of these as a meal replacement rather than a snack.

Post Workout dream Cake


155 kcal
12.5g protein
19g carb
2.5g fat.

This is dessert material. This is literally like eating a chocolate cake. The only thing missing from it was some form of healthy ice cream to put on the top of it. As the name suggests, its best to have after a training session due to it being higher in carbs than the other treats. I used it as a dessert after a nice meal with the better half. Top marks!

Choc Choc bars


212 kcal
16.6g protein
8.8g carb
13g fat

These are bounty bars. I seriously couldn't tell them apart if I tried. However due to the coconut that is used to make them it makes them a bit higher in fat and cals. A good pre bed snack mixed with a good cup of coffee!

Baked Mini Cheesecakes


237 kcals
17.5g protein
5.1g carb
16.1g fat.

These are best sellers over at simply treats and with good reason. They do the cheese cakes in a variety of flavours from peanut butter right through to fruit flavours. The fruit ones (especially the strawberry) were my favourite. This is due to the fact that they put fruit pieces in the base that melts during cooking (mouth now watering). I found this best as some of the others could be a little dry, the peanut in particular. As these are high in calories for a little cake (still a LOT lower than a normal cake) I would save them for the odd treat depending on your goals.

Lemon Pistachio Cupcakes

93 kcal
7.5g protein
8.9g carb
2.6g fat

These were quite similar to the cheese cakes but tasted a bit lighter. This is reflected in the nutritional content being nearly half the calories and 4 times less fat. Much more of a light snack with a light lemon taste.

I also had the pleasure of texting their prototype chicken (that's right kids, chicken) bread and banana bread. I don't know the macro breakdowns for these so I can't list them, however the photos are on my instgram and twitter pages. I will say however that both were absolutely amazing and the chicken bread was a meal in itself! I also know that they are planning on doing protein pizzas and take aways.

All in all, I'm a very happy customer and I have continued to get regular treat off them to help with the odd weekend treat. Highly recommended!

If you are interested in using Simply Treats you can check them out on Facebook under that name or on instgram under simply_treats.

Stay healthy,


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