Sunday, 9 February 2014

Product Review - Don't Bring your Gi to the Bar eBook

Hey Guys,

Anyone knows me knows how much I love to read. I love it to a seriously unhealthy level. I'll read anything. I once read a dentistry text book that my housemates girlfriend had left just because it was there. When I was a kid I remember sneaking away from my mother in the supermarket so that I could read the back of the cereal boxes.

I've lost count of the number of book and comic book stores I've been thrown out over the years.

So when I received a copy of Don't wear you Gi to the bar by Marshall D Carper its a bit of an understatement to say I was happy. Two of my great loves (reading and Jujitsu) thrust together in one format! My highly geekly self was getting nourished on this day!

The book centres around the obstacles that the jujitsu practitioner faces on a daily basis when trying to explain their art to friends, family, coworkers and random members of the public. It also covers how to deal with theses issues without coming across like a fanatical lunatic (read - passionate). Long gone are the days when you would challenge someone to a fight at dawn (probably on the beach, shirtless) to defend the honour of jujitsu when some uneducated type proclaims "That wouldn't work on me, I'd just slam him". Thankfully you no longer need to do that with the aid of this book!

The book reads brilliantly, is very hard to put down and is very funny. It is well laid out and keeps you engaged all the way through. If you (or have ever) participated in a grappling based sport I highly recommend that you pick it up from Amazon now.

It's a perfect read to accompany the hot summer days while you're sat out with your coconut water and Acai (if you're that kind of dude). Or really gain man points and enjoy with steak and a good bourbon.

Stay healthy,


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