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Product Review - MyProtein Prepare

Hey Guys,

Today I want to talk about a product that I recommend to a few clients called MyProtein Pre:pare.

Pre:pare is designed as a pre workout formula to get certain nutrients (mainly protein and carbs) into your muscles before you train.

Here is what Myprotein have to say about it.

PRE:PARE is part of Myproteins Nutrient Timing Programme which is designed to satisfy your body's specific nutritional requirements before during and after exercise or competition.
PRE:PARE is designed to be consumed before exercise to physically prime your body for the challenge it is about to face. This powerful supplement provides the fuel for both mind and body to ensure you hit the ground running through a combination of carbohydrates, protein and caffeine.
Your muscles need fuel to exercise, which is why we have created an advanced carbohydrate blend to supply your body’s favourite source of energy – glycogen. Going in to exercise, the body should have a solid supply of glycogen which is where PRE:PARE excels in the 30-60 minutes prior to activity. Caffeine helps stimulate the mind and is an extremely popular supplement amongst those looking to perform at their peak levels. We have also added a rich supply of protein to help bypass the breakdown of valuable muscle tissue for energy, meaning the recovery process after exercise is a much smoother process.

Here is the nutritional values per serving,

Per 50g Serving:
Energy (kJ): 1052
Energy (kcal): 251
Protein (g): 13.6
Carbohydrate (g): 26.0
Fat (g): 4.1
Each 50g Serving also contains:
Medium Chain Trigylcerides (g): 5
Caffeine (mg): 80
As many people who read my articles etc will know, I am a massive fan of workout nutrition. I have used it with countless athletes from boxers, to triathletes, UFC fighters and bodybuilders to literally transform their training and recovery. I will admit that the idea wasn't mine, however I have adopted numerous approaches in the area to benefit my clients.

I use a varied range of products all depending on the sport and budget of the client, however Pre:pare is a common one I use, as most handle it very well.

The thing that first attracted me to the product was that it contained the carb sources Isomaltulose and Maltodextrin. While both of these carb sources are fast acting and effective in raising insulin etc, it was the fact of how easily they are digestible that interested me. 

I had tried numerous other products in the past (both pre made and my own concoctions) but they were always miles away from what I wanted. They made me and clients feel bloated and sluggish. Some even wanted to go to sleep during the training session! Less than ideal...

What good was it to have all of these nutrients in your body if you felt to ill to workout from being full and bloated? 

I then tried Pre:pare and it was a complete success. People reported feeling like super humans and weren't getting sore after training anymore. They could train harder and more often, meaning they reached their goals easier and performed better.

However (as with most things in life), nothing is perfect. As I recommend in most cases that the product be used DURING as well as pre training, it still gives the odd client and upset stomach. I have found however that this is fixed 90% of the time by adding more water. It also has quite a high caffeine content. While this amount is perfectly fine on its own, I have noticed that it can effect some clients depending on their caffeine intake. It would be better to have the caffeine removed, giving people the option to add it in at later date.

I would also prefer that it just had Peptopro in it rather than a protein blend. However this is just me being a little picky and wanting to tweak the product for my needs. it would also be handy to know how much Peptopro is in it, as many companies are a bit sly about how much they use (due to it being expensive).

This is a great product at a great price, and great for those who want to have some solid workout nutrition at a reasonable price.

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