Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Product Review - Captains of Crush Grippers (1.5)


Every combat athlete needs a good grip!

Whether you need a solid collar grip in BJJ or judo, or need to take solid wrist control in wrestling or MMA, having a solid grip is really important!

Now if you have been practicing one of these sports for a while you will have inevitably thought about improving your grip strength. However the problem comes from how to do it?

Many people try a wide variety of grip training from chin ups with a tea towel to dumbbell pinching and even olympic disk flipping!

As I do BJJ I was after a way that I could train my grip. I asked around and a friend put me onto Captain Crush Grippers.

The grip trainers come in a variety of strengths that allow people to progress as their strength improves.

Now I've got to state that these are nothing like the crappy grip trainers of your youth. These are serious!

I got the 200Ib one to test and it really kicks the crap out my grip!

The grip trainer itself is made of heavy duty stainless steel and each of the handles are covered in knurling similar to that of an olympic bar (you can now toughen your hands as well as your grip). The build quality on these are absolutely superb. I imagine that they will last forever with no issues at all!

I've tried a few exercises with them such as high rep squeezes, iso holds and reps after grip based exercises (deadliest, rack pulls, rows, pull ups etc) and they did exactly what they said on the tin.

Highly recommended.

You can buy the Captains of Crush HERE for $29.95 plus shipping.

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