Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Product Review - Scramble Coffee and Chokes Rash Guard

Hey Guys,

Today I want talk about the Coffee and Chokes rash guard from Scramble.

I've had this rash guard on test now for a few months and I've got to say it's rather awesome!

Here is what Scramble had to say about it,

WAKE UP! It's time to train you sleepy punk!

The Scramble Coffee and Chokes rashguard celebrates those who dedicate their mornings to sharpening their skills instead of catching those cheeky extra zeds.  Scramblers - powered by caffeine. OSU!- Polyester / elasthene blend- Same fit and style as our ranked rash guards- For best results, wash inside a laundry net and hang dry. - If you find loose threads after repeated use, please snip with a small, sharp pair of scissors and carry on with your day. - Drink more coffee

The quality of the polyester/elasthene blend is great in providing a snug but stretchy fit that doesn't alter no matter who is pulling on it (few big dudes in my gym). The material feels very smooth to the touch while not being to thin or to thick. With poorer quality rash guards the material is always to thin or to thick, leading to either holes or over heating. Scramble manage to get the right mix.

The fit is great and has kept the same with numerous washes every week. This is a great feature that should never be over looked with rash guards as it is something that I have had quite a bit in the past (even with older Scramble rash guards). As you wash them more and more, they lose their shape and become baggy. After a few months they more resemble a long sleeved T shirt than they do a rash guard.

This isn't the case here!

The fit stayed exactly the same with no fading or discolouration in the pattern.

The rash guard also has zero scratchy labels or embroider designs to bother you while you are rolling (something many people hate).

The only issue I have had with the rash guard is the a few of the stitchings have come loose on the bottom.

This hasn't effected the performance of the rash guard at all and I have been told that if it becomes a problem then Scramble will replace it (great customer service).

A brilliant rash guard that I recommend (nothing to do with coffee could ever be bad...)

Price is £37.99 and is available HERE

Stay healthy,


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