Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Product Review - Biotest Z12

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Today I am talking about Biotest Z12

Z12 is a sleep specific supplement that is designed to be slightly more effective than standard ZMA.

Here is what Biotest have to say about it,

The Biotest Z12 is a new product which has been developed to help make sure that athletes and bodybuilders alike all get a nice and well earned full night sleep.
The formula for this product has been specially manipulated to help make sure that you do not experience the "hangover" generally associated with sleeping pills.
This product can also be great for anyone who is need of a relaxing sleep before a big day ahead of them, for example a job interview, an athletic meet or an exam.
Travelers can also find it quite useful as they often sleep in beds that they are not accustomed to and the Z12 is great in helping to prevent an anxiety-packed day and turn it into a much more tolerable one.
And the label,

Now I am a big fan of normal ZMA and include it my own, and my clients nutritional plans simply because it has such a positive effect on sleep and recovery. I use ZMA pretty much Monday to Friday every week (I take a little break to keep it effective), so I was looking forward to trying this.

I started with a dose of two tablets and it worked pretty well. I feel asleep quickly and more importantly, stayed asleep all night. I then increased my dose to 3 caps. This is when I encountered a problem. Through the week I like to get up pretty early and make a start on the day. However when I took 3 caps I simply couldn't wake up. Even after I had coffee and walked my dogs I still felt drowsy, like I could easily fall asleep again. It wasn't just me either, my wife had a very similar effect when we upped her dose.

However if I allowed myself to wake up naturally and not use an alarm clock I felt great.

My conclusion is that the stuff is simply to effective for every day use. For everyday use I would recommend normal ZMA, however if you are looking for a longer, deeper sleep then I would recommend the Z12. While I won't have this as a staple in my nutrition, I will use it for things such as travelling or when I really need to catch up on my recovery.

All in all a decent product, however I would use with slight caution. I wouldn't want to be giving a big presentation the after a higher dose. If you travel a lot then these could be a real winner for helping you sleep and recover!

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