Sunday, 9 February 2014

Product Review - Myprotein Protein Crispies

Hey Guys,

Today I want to talk about another product in the Myprotein dessert range

Again, I'm not going to go into my feelings on 'healthy cheat foods' as I've now covered it to death. Basically eating good food is good and eating bad food is bad (even if its good being disguised as crap).

However I do still think that PLANNED cheats certainly have their place in a nutrition plan (loads of people disagree with me here, but results speak for themselves). Now one of the things that people really seem to miss when on a diet is cereal. This is always be a food that will do more damage than good due to nearly all cereals being made of sugary, processed, carby crap. Now lots of people satisfy this craving by adding some from of whey protein to their oats (an excellent idea), but now Myprotein have stepped in with their Protein Crispies.

Protein Crispies are basically made out of rice flour and whey protein isolate to give a look of something that resembles Rice Crispies (but smaller).

So what do they look like nutritionally? Let's take a look,

Per 100g:
Energy: 458kcal
Protein: 52g
Carbohydrates: 40g
Lactose: 1.2g
Fats: 1g

Not to bad at all! The above values are for them plain though and not with anything else added (like milk).

As always there are a few things that are worth mentioning. Firstly a good serving size for these is about 50g, so half the amount listed above. Secondly the calories are quite high (due to the carbs). However I will say that as these are a 'dessert' product, this is still pretty damn good!

Ok so taste and usability!

Taste is pretty bland to be honest. I only had one bowl full with 1% milk and there is no way I could of had any with water. I did mix up a few batches of chocolate protein and peanut butter rice crispie cakes with them which were awesome and they stand as a really good base to add other products to such as fruit etc.

Will I buy them again? Well, no.

This is simply because I think there are better alternatives for better nutritional values, plus I have to get creative to make them taste really good. I will be using the entire bag to make sweet desserts though, so its not like they are going straight in the bin. If you really miss Rice Crispies or Rice Crispie cakes then these could be a real godsend for you. Like oats? Then stick with them as you will be disappointed here.

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