Sunday, 9 February 2014

Product Review - Roll Supreme Board Shorts for MMA and NoGi Jiujitsu

Hey Guys,

Today I want to talk about the NoGi shorts from Roll Supreme.

I was lucky enough to catch up with the owner of Roll Supreme recently. You can read all about what he had to say about the company and BJJ in general HERE

These are the NoGi offering from Roll Supreme for all of those out there that love to get their roll on, without the pyjamas.

Now to say that the MMA and NoGi market is massive is a bit of an understatement. You can't just whack your label onto a pair of standard board shorts and be onto a winner. These days you need to have something different and actually show that you have thought about a fighters needs and what is really useful for them when it comes to gear.

Now I'm lucky enough to have a few friends that are sponsored by the guys over at Roll Supreme so I had already seen their gear around the gym and thought it looked quite cool, especially the rash guards and grey sweatshirt (hint hint). So with that in mind I was really happy to be testing their shorts and long sleeved rash guard (review coming soon).

Upon getting the shorts the first thing I noticed was how light they were! Now I'm talking near weightless! the shorts are made from a really light weight material. This is awesome if you're looking for light gear to weigh in, or train in hot gyms. However I train in possibly the worlds coldest gym (got to wear 3 layers and 2 pair of socks MINIMUM), so these bad boys were going on the outside of some spats!

With the light weightiness of the shorts I was a little concerned that they would be flimsy or get stretched really easily when rolling. My fears were unfounded though as they performed brilliantly. I barely noticed them at all when training due to their weight and because of the material they didn't bunch up and weren't constrictive in any way. The shorts fit me perfectly, even when I had a box on underneath and a pair of spats.

Features wise, having a drawstring, elasticated waste and velcro straps really meant that they stayed fastened and added to the comfort and fit. The shorts did get pulled down on a few occasions, however this was more due to me not fastening them correctly rather than the velcro fastenings under performing.

The look of the shorts is pretty basic with them being all one colour (black) with contrast stitching in white and Roll Supreme logos on the velcro strap, right leg and across the butt. To be honest this is my only real criticism. I would of like a few more colours in the shorts (especially white to match the rash guard), but knowing Roll Supreme they will have something in the works.

All in all, a fantastic MMA/NoGi short that I would happily recommend. 

The Roll Supreme Board Shorts cost £34.99 and you can pick up a pair HERE

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