Sunday, 9 February 2014

Product Review - USN Protein Dessert

Hey Guys,

Today I want to give you my verdict on the USN protein dessert.

A lot of manufacturers have been coming out recently with healthier alternative to desserts. 

I have a mixed view on these (same as paleo desserts etc). Are they better than normal desserts? Absolutely! If people were to eat these alternatives instead of the junk versions as a treat now and again, they would be in a lot better shape! However I have just a few thoughts,

  1. They are quite calorifically dense (no where near as bad as the junk ones). The problem here is that just because they are from a supplement company and are protein based, people may think that they can have as much as they like or as dailey treats. This is probably a good way to add fat to your physique.
  2. Some have questionable ingredients. Enough said.
  3. They are still reinforcing bad habits. You are still giving into that little voice that says "you need a sugary treat". Even if it is healthier, this still isn't a good habit to keep up.
However they are still better than the junk versions!!

Ok, so I gave the USN Protein Dessert a good few tests and was over all, quite pleased. Before I get into the actual product, here is the nutritional breakdown.

Nutritional Information Serving size:2 scoops (35g) Per  100g  Serving (35g)  *%RDA  Energy  1534kJ 365kcal 537kJ 128kcal   Protein  68kg  24g    Carbohydrate  7.0g  2.5g        Of Which Sugar** 4.1g  1.4g    Fat  5.1g  1.8g         Of Which Saturated 3.1g 1.1g    Dietary Fibre  8.8g  3.1g    Sodium  0.7mg  0.3mg    Calcium  464mg  162mg  20 Phosphorus  90mg  32mg    Typical Amino Acid Profile  mg/100g     Alanine  3.053     Arginine  2.661     Aspartic Acid  6.062     Cystine / Cysteine  1.099     Glutamic Acid  11.688     Glycine  1.517     Histidine  1.625     Isoleucine  3.788     Leucine  6.291     Lysine  5.182     Methionine  1.994     Phenylalanine  3.214     Proline  4.453     Serine  3.955     Threonine  3.337     Tryptophane 0.968     Tyrosine  1.358     Valine  4.451     *RDA - Recommended daily Allowances per serving (Commission Directive 2008/100/EC) **instrinsic dairy sugar only

So basically, per serving we have,

  • 261 cals
  • 24g protein
  • 2g carbs
  • 2g fat
Not bad at all for a dessert!
Ok, so onto the actual product! 

I mixed the pudding up in a few ways to experiment. These were as follows,

  • With water as per pack instructions.
  • With milk (and almond) as per pack instructions.
  • Added healthy fats in the form of peanut and almond butter
  • Tried to make ice cream.
The first three were a complete success. The product mixed easily and formed a very nice consistency. Obviously it tasted much better with milk than with water, however adding almond milk was a great alternative (and added a nice nutty texture). As I said I also added peanut and almond butter for taste and to bump up the healthy fats a bit. This was fantastic! I also added mixed dried fruit and nuts which were a great addition (one was for fats the other for carbs).

I also tried to make ice cream but I failed at that miserably! I'm not saying that I can't be done, it was just beyond my culinary expertise. However I did manage to make a thick chocolate sauce that went great on all types of stuff!

The taste itself is pretty good. It just tastes like a standard chocolate protein powder. I am sure there are a million and one ways that you could enhance the flavour and in that lies its strength.

The USN Protein Dessert is a great little product that I would recommend that you give a try as long as you don't go nuts and eat the full tub!

Stay healthy,


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