Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Product Review - The Top Supplements for CrossFit

Hey Guys,

Recently I was sent the book, The Top Supplements for Crossfit for review.

This is a book purely on which supplements are the best for Crossfit and why. The book covers a good amount of supplements while giving you evidence why each one works and what kind of dosage you're looking at to have an effect.

Here is the full books description,

CrossFit is one of the most brutal sports on Earth. 

And you’re actively sucking at it. 

Well, let me rephrase that. You are not getting anywhere near the results that you could be as you’re not exploiting every possible avenue to be the best that YOU can be. 

In this book you will find out what supplements are scientifically proven by research to prove your athletic performance. These are the supplements that the very best in the sport use. If you were to look in Rich Froning’s kit bag, these are the supplements you would most probably find. 

Want to know more about supplementing your diet and training to take your performance to a whole other level? Well read on! 

In this Book you will learn, 

  • What REALLY matters in your CrossFit Training. 
  • What is holding you back from crushing your WODs 
  • Why you are currently under recovering and scientifically proven techniques to fix it. 
  • The role of Diet in CrossFit. 
  • The role of Supplements in CrossFit and why they are important. 
  • A ‘No Bullshit’ look at exactly how effective Supplements are. 
  • What results can you REALLY expect in the real world. 
  • Find out what Supplements the Top Athletes are Taking and why. 
  • Where supplements fit in the hearty of Training, Diet, Rest and correct Supplementation. 
  • What Supplements are proven to increase your strength, speed and power, making you a better athlete. 
  • How these Supplements work. 
  • What dosages you should be taking to see a profound effect and how you should time them. 
  • How Supplements fit in your Current Nutrition Plan. 
  • How to set up the correct Supplementation Programme for your individual, specific goals
That's a lot of info!

Most of you now know my stance on supplements. They can help a great diet plan, but if you don't have everything in place, they aren't going to do much for you!

This books says just that.

It really is a no bullshit look into what supplements can actually make a real world difference to your training and more importantly, how they do this backed by evidence. This book can be used by any athlete or person looking to get in shape, as everyone will learn something from reading it. The book is incredibly well written and has a TON of extra bonus content from details about CrossFit to effective recovery techniques and chapters on nutrition.

Highly recommended.

Stay healthy,


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